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Enhance your yoga practice at Cara’s intimate studio in downtown Fullerton! You’ll find small classes, get personal attention, and join a supportive community, which will allow you to grow in your practice much faster than in bigger yoga classes.





Workshops are a great way to dive deeper into your yoga practice.  Whether you are learning the break down of an advanced posture, such as a handstand, or learning more about alignment in different poses, Cara's intimate studio space offers small group, personal attention that will allow you to ask questions and help you meet your personal goals!  


Yoga retreats offer a relaxing getaway that help you unwind and feel inspired.  Set among a beautiful backdrop, retreats allow you to be pampered with fully catered meals and multiple yoga classes per day, all while meeting new friends and connecting with old friends.  In addition, time away from your regular routine will help you hit the reset button, and reset goals to help you leave feeing inspired!


Coaching and Mentoring

With years of experience in both movement (such as dance and gymnastics) and yoga, Cara offers personal coaching for more advanced poses, such as handstands.  Her own personal journey in learning to handstand, as well as her 300-hr training with Bryce Yoga, provides valuable insight into helping you along your journey.

Meet Cara

Cara began taking yoga classes in 2008 when she worked at the YMCA.  As a former dancer and gymnast, she initially enjoyed the movement; however, she began to also notice that the focus on the physical practice helped to bring mental focus and reduce stress.  She began to take the principles she learned in yoga class and weave them into her life.   Her love for the practice made her want to share it with others.  Not only does she find joy in seeing her students progress physically, she also loves seeing their self-confidence grow.  She is a 500-hour certified instructor, receiving her 200-hour certification through Yoga Works Costa Mesa and her 300-hour certification through Bryce Yoga in Thailand. She is currently in the process of receiving a 500-hour certification through Yoga Medicine, and has completed a 60-hour spine training, that covered the anatomy of the spine, dysfunction and injury, and how to work with students with back issues.


Learn off the mat.

Explore a library of resources, including blog posts, a 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, and a variety of online classes that range from beginner to more advanced poses.