Enhance Your Knowledge

Workshops are a great way to dive deeper into your yoga practice.  Whether you are learning the break down of an advanced posture, such as a handstand, or learning more about alignment in different poses, Cara's intimate studio space offers small group, personal attention that will allow you to ask questions and help you meet your personal goals!  


Blindfold workshop

Learn to bring awareness to your senses and listen to your intuition! This workshop will include a blindfold flow, along with time to reflect on how and when you listen to your intuition. You will also leave with ideas of how to enhance your intuition.


partner workshop

Partner yoga is a great way to support your yoga practice, enhance your communication with others, & learn to trust. Grab a friend or loved one, or come alone and make a friend, and be ready to have fun! $20 per person, each person must be registered separately.


Small Group Coaching 


This 3-month, weekly series is designed to help you get upside down by building strength and learning proper alignment. Starting 1/1/19, two different modules will be offered: the first one is for people who want to get upside down but want to develop strength first and the second one is for people who can hold plank for 60 seconds and feel comfortable doing a handstand facing the wall.

In both sessions, you will receive weekly homework, that will help you build on what you learn in each weekly class.

The groups are limited to 4 people so you can get personalized attention, ask questions, and receive drills and homework customized to you!