Enhance Your Knowledge

Workshops are a great way to dive deeper into your yoga practice.  Whether you are learning the break down of an advanced posture, such as a handstand, or learning more about alignment in different poses, Cara's intimate studio space offers small group, personal attention that will allow you to ask questions and help you meet your personal goals!  


Improve your posture 

In this workshop, we will explore proper alignment of the head, shoulders, hips, and ankles while standing, as well as practice drills that will strengthen core stabilizers that will help you maintain good posture. Something as simple as good posture can go a long way to getting rid of pesky aches and pains that develop with poor postural habits. You may be surprised you can make simple changes to your day to help you feel better in your body!

Effective Sequencing for yoga teachers

Yoga teachers: Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to creating sequences for your yoga classes? Sequencing can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be if you have some simple tips and tricks to help you plan your classes! Come join other local teachers for this fun, interactive, 3-hour workshop, where we will talk about: 1) why sequencing is important 2) how to prepare students for certain poses 3) how to ensure classes are well-rounded 4) how to incorporate themes and philosophy into your classes. Grab a fellow teacher and reserve your spot today! *This workshop counts as 3 direct contact hours for Yoga Alliance continuing education.

Yoga for Back Health

This 4-week workshop series will cover the key anatomy of your back, how to evaluate your posture and identify movement patterns, and how to move safely in your yoga practice to support your spine. This course is for anyone with back issues or those who want to prevent future problems, as well yoga teachers who want to safely support their students and lead them toward better back health.