What is your vision for this year?

With the new year comes excitement, but also a lot of expectation. We are bombarded with messages that we should become new and improved and that we should set big, amazing plans for the year. But most of those plans and expectations fall flat very quickly.

So, this year, I decided to create a vision for myself. I wish I could take credit for this, but I saw it somewhere and wanted to personally implement it. Instead of setting goals and making plans, I chose one word to motivate me for this year. And the word that immediately popped into my head was…..CREATE.

This word inspires me, makes me feel excited, and allows me to dream. Not only can I create things professionally, such as classes, workshops, etc. that will help my students, but I can also create things in my personal life, such as continuing to make my crochet gifts or trying a new hobby I’ve always wanted to try.

Choosing just one word makes me feel like the possibilities are endless and that I can adapt as the year progresses. I’m not stuck to things I won’t attain and I can make plans as I learn and grow. I plan to write this word down and stick in places where I will see it often, on my bathroom mirror, on my refrigerator, and in my studio.

I encourage you to do the same. Think of something that will make you happy and inspired. Let that drive you this year. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Instead, create a vision for where you want to go, and then see what unfolds!