Get out of your rut!

I just got back from a quick trip to Buffalo for work.  I was only gone for several days, but I realized that time away from my regular routine was very needed.  I am a creature of habit.  I like routine, which in itself isn't necessarily bad, but sometimes I can get stuck in a rut.  And getting out of the rut, even for a short period of time, is like hitting the reset button.  

First, being out of my physical surroundings always helps to change my perspective.  The weather in Buffalo was cool and gloomy, which is the complete opposite to the beautiful, sunny weather we usually get in Southern California.  And it was so nice to feel the cool breeze as we walked to dinner the first night we were there.  And as we entered the restaurant, I was struck by the warmth and coziness of the restaurant.  In addition to that, the change of scenery was refreshing. I saw various trees and beautiful architecture that is so different from what I see every day.  I went to graduate school in Boston and will always have a special place in my heart for the houses on the East Coast, so of course I also got pretty nostalgic for that time in my life where I felt courageous and independent!  

In addition to the change of scenery, I got to meet four amazing women.  I was so inspired how each of them are creating a life that they want to lead.  And in turn, they pointed out things about me and my life that I just don't notice when I am at home in my regular routine.  They pointed out that they were impressed with the balance I seem to have found in my life.  I've been able to teach yoga and incorporate my accounting work to find a balance of both things that I enjoy.  I hadn't really thought of it in that way, but when I take a step back, I am making the path that I want.  And it feels really good.    

And talking to those women about where they are headed, helped me to get inspired again for my own business.  I have so many ideas for things I'd like to do with my teaching, but some times I get overwhelmed with all the ideas and end up doing nothing!  And some times the fear of failure stops me from trying new things.  But they helped me to remember that it's ok to fail and keep trying new things.  Some will work, and others will not.  I will never know unless I try.  

What have I learned from this quick trip?  That I need to regularly get out of my routine.  I have committed to myself to take time every month to either do something different or just find a nice spot to sit and dream.  I actually marked my calendar so that I don't forget to do it.  I am really excited about this.  It is my commitment to myself to be inspired, to grow, and to spread more goodness into the world.  And I'm excited to see what happens!