It is so hard for me to say I'm good at something....

I have never been able to say I'm good at something.  I have never wanted to come across as cocky or overly confident, because quite frankly, I think that is obnoxious.  And so, in the past, I would only say I was good at something to my husband. He loves me and would never think I was cocky, which has always made me feel safe to say absolutely anything.    

But the more I realize that words are powerful and that the way we think shapes our actions, I am starting to change.  Just this morning I was talking to a student and said I think I'm really good at breaking down challenging yoga poses and helping people learn them.  Even as I write this, it occurs to me that I prefaced that statement with the fact that I didn't want to sound cocky.  Why did I even need to say that?  Why couldn't I just say I'm good at something?  

And if I'm honest, it is hard for me to believe in myself.  Deep, deep down, I always believe in myself, but then this stupid voice comes into my head that knocks me around and shakes my confidence.  Who knows where that voice comes from (maybe some kind of therapy would help unearth that?).  But I'm starting to not let that voice take over.  Because quite frankly, I feel like I was born to teach yoga.  My natural temperament, along with my love for people, and my intuitive nature about movement, make me good at my job.  There I said it.  I'm good at what I do.  I'm cringing as I type that.  Will people think I'm full of myself?  Ugh, I hope not.  

It feels good to believe in myself, to feel like I am on the right path.  I feel aligned with my life's purpose and love that my passion helps people.  Why should I not be able to say I'm good at what I do?  I will continue to practice this.  If I find myself holding back from saying something, I'm going to say it.  Because if I believe in what I offer, my students will too.  They will see the value in my talents, and in turn, reap the benefits of my knowledge.  And that is pretty amazing.