I love Savasana

I recently went to a yoga class at a local studio where the teacher guided us into Savasana, which is usually the final pose of a class where you lay on your back for some period of time.  She then proceeded to say that we were welcome to stay there as long as we wanted and to be respectful of the other students as we left.  I had forgotten that people had told me that this was the norm at this particular studio.  And I was very disappointed, because I believe in the power of stillness and quiet after a physical practice.  I believe that everyone can benefit from this time, even if it is challenging.

About a minute after we laid down, I started to hear people getting up and rolling up their mats.  People were being respectful and as quiet as they could be, but you just can't be that quiet when rolling up a yoga mat!  I was sad.  I love Savasana.  I decided to just drown out the noise and stay on my back for a little while longer.  But then I started to wonder when the next class started.  And I wondered how I would get myself up if I actually started to drift out of my own head.  I was worried someone may have to come and physically touch me to get me out of my zone, which would be startling.  So, after a couple minutes, I decided to get up.  There was only one other woman who was still lying down and pretty much everyone else was already gone.  

I tend to be a very anxious person.  I've struggled with anxiety my whole life for various reasons.  And when I first started practicing, of course, Savasana was hard for me.  But the more I practiced, the easier it became.  And it became my happy place, my respite from my own mind.  My time to allow myself to let go.  And I desperately need that.  It is why I come to my mat.  

And I want that for you.  I love giving you a physical practice where you feel challenged, but I also want you to have a place of peace.  It is so hard to find that in your busy life and you deserve some time of calm, some time to get out of your head, and a time to just be.  When you can find that, you may find that it may change your life.