Enhance Your Anatomy Knowledge

Learn more about anatomy and how it impacts a yoga practice! Whether you want to teach yoga, or just want to learn more about your body as it relates to your practice, this Anatomy module is great for you. You can take each session individually or take the entire module as part of Full Circle Yoga’s Yoga 220-hr Yoga Teacher Training.

  • May 11th - Neck, Shoulders, & Upper Back

  • May 18th - Your Powerful Pelvis: Focus on Lower Body

  • May 25th - Muscles of the Core, Chest, & Back

  • June 1st - Benefits of Yoga on the Organ Systems

  • June 8th - The Art of Breathing: Focus on the Respiratory System

  • June 15th - Heart Health: Focus on the Cardiopulmonary System


  • Individual session $88

  • Entire Anatomy Module $300

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